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Browning Gold Junk??

While hunting roosters in western MN two weekends ago, one of the hunters was using a Browning Gold 12 ga. He fired on a bird and when he fired the 2nd round the shotshell fired while the action was not all the way forward. Needless to say the gun blew up. The action jammed and the bolt cracked, the aluminum sides were bulged out, he had powder burns on his hands but luckily not his eyes. I am speculating that the bolt did not properly lock into place and yet allowed the firing pin to activate the round. The gun is totally shot. Looking for ideas on how this might have occurred. Needless to say I am glad I shoot Benelli !!

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Browning Gold Junk??

Could have been any number of things. Had he taken the action down himself? People have been known to screw up ya know. Could have been a piece of dirt on the bolt and when it threw, contacted the primer and set it off.. Could have been a weak or bulged primer that when the bolt contacted set it off. Its highly unlikely that the safety that is embedded in the bolt would allow the firing pin to strike before the lugs engage unless there was someone in there that didnt know what they were doing working on the bolt. While im not a big fan of the new brownings as I feel their quality has went down somewhat, I do not think that they are total junk nor unsafe. ANY gun can be concidered unsafe when unknowing hands are on it.

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Browning Gold Junk??

The gun owner should notify browning of the event, so someone qualified can get to the bottom of what happened.

Its difficult to say what happened without inspecting the gun or at least viewing pictures. It doesn't make sense that the trigger could be pulled while the bolt is still open.

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Browning Gold Junk??

I second bitmasher, from everything ive heard browning is more than eager to help with gun issues

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Browning Gold Junk??

He should contact a lawyer before letting Browning have the gun. Just in case they find they are liable and decide to destroy the evidence.

I'm not saying he should sue them but needs to cover his butt if they don't want to do the right thing. I imagine Browning will make things right if it is their fault.

That said, it's kinda hard to believe a gun would fail like that without some sort of outside force causing it. I could be wrong though.

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