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Browning Barracuda Review

March 2010 Product Review:

Browning Barracuda Review

When I first started bowfishing, I ignored the advice of experienced bowfishermen who suggested that I use a bow dedicated for that purpose. Instead, I chose to use my treasured high-dollar deer hunting bow. I quickly realized the error in my decision after only one bowfishing trip filled with many tense moments of watching my Mathews being subjected to very wet conditions, several hard clashes with the bottom of the boat as we bounced across the lake and a couple of dry fires as the heavy fiberglass arrow pulled itself loose from the string during the draw. As soon as I returned, I focused my attention on finding a bow that was designed for bowfishing. I knew I wanted something that was short, had the power of a compound and the quickness of a recurve and could take the abuse of an all night bowfishing trip. The Browning Barracuda seemed to fit the criteria. I picked one up at a local sporting goods store and prepared to put it to the test. Read more...

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