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Browning BAR 270 ....Remington 7400 270?

Was wondering why the browning BAR 270 is $230 more than the Remington7400 270.... there both made with the same kind of parts? is browning that much better of a gun


Browning BAR 270...... $730.00

Remington 7400 270......$500.00

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Browning BAR 270 ....Remington 7400 270?

I am a die hard Remington fan and having said that, the 7400 is a very fine rifle BUT... IMO the Browning BAR sets the standard by which all the other name brand semis (sporter/hunting) are judged on. It is a very accurate, beautiful firearm.

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Browning BAR 270 ....Remington 7400 270?

You're going to find that everything with the Browning name on it is going to cost much more. For some reason you'll be paying through the roof. Never owned a BAR, but do have a couple of Belgian made Browning Hi Power pistols and can tell you that I personally believe them to be the best handguns in the world, bar none. Have also been very happy with my Remington rifles and shotguns.

You can't go wrong with either Remington or Browning, both are very good quality guns. It's just a matter of how much more extra you want to pay.

Remington is USA made if that matters to you. Most Brownings are made by Fabrique Nationale in Belgium or Portugal, and others are made in Japan by Moruku.

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