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Browning and Kimber Rifles

I have two Remington rifles, but thought about getting a 300 Win Mag.

The Browning and Kimber models are very nice looking and seem to have some features not found on the Remington.

Anyone own either of them? Think they're worth the extra dollars?

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Browning and Kimber Rifles

I've got nothing but good things to say about my Browning. Bought a Micro Hunter in 300wsm a few years back. Shoots great. Handles well, very comfortable on the shoulder. Nice smooth action.

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Browning and Kimber Rifles

I think where the problem comes in is with, "Think they are worth the extra dollars". Most all the rifles made today are functional , safe and will last many years. I don't know what the Browning costs but if YOU like it and the price is not objectional, it's worth the extra dollars. You can spend many thousands of dollars on guns and in the end what we want is a bullet to come out the end safely and fly true. That about it. Anything beyond that is embellishment to justify a higher cost.

I was looking at a Kimber SxS in a magazine today in 16ga. I really like the looks of that but, it doesn't do anything my present 16ga won't, an AyA Matador. But if I had the money...........................Yes it would be worth the money!

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Browning and Kimber Rifles

If you can find a Winchester feather weight, or a classic sporter I would highly recomend both ! the actions come glass beded and the bbl is free floated. The pre 64 claw extractor on both model is the best action I have ever used. I own two Sako deluxe a few rem 700 and one kimber, also some rugers and brownings, and the Winchester classic sporter I have is the best rifle out of all.
They can be had for around $800 and remember the Winchester company is gone so the rifles are always a good investment. 1inch group out of the box no problem! good triggers ! Winchester does make some junk but those two models are the best they make.

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Browning and Kimber Rifles

I have the Browning A-Bolt in 300 wsm and can't say enough good things about it. Accuracy is excellent (I've been shooting conistent 1/2" groups with handloads) and the overall design is excellent from a functional standpoint. It's not the prettiest, but then I'm not taking it to a fashion show either. You can also order spring kits from timney for just a few bucks that allow you to lighten up the trigger if you like - although the factory trigger isn't bad at all - and it takes all of two minutes and the intelligence and motor skills of a chimp to install them.

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Browning and Kimber Rifles

If you are looking for a light rifle its hard to beat the Kimber Montana. Browning does not have a similar offering.

The actions on each brand is very different. Push feed on the browning versus controlled round feed (mauser style) on the kimber.

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Browning and Kimber Rifles

I looked at both the montana(kimber) and the stalker and medallion(browning) and they are both great rifles I ended up going with the browning for cost reasons as well as the fact that they seemed to both have about the same build qaulity. That being said Im not sure which one I would have chose if they were the same price. Im pretty happy with my stainless stalker and so is everyone else that I talk to. But I havent met anyone who has owned a kimber so I guess my opinion maybe slightly under informed.

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Browning and Kimber Rifles

Get a Ruger M77 Mk II. Then with the extra money you save you can get a nice scope or even invest in an extra freezer for your game meat Big smile

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