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Brown Recluse up close

I took these photographs of a brown recluse spider up close.  We find these everywhere in our house in North Texas.  Not a spider you want to get bit by.  Its not really fatal, few if anyone dies from a bite, but the bite does rot the flesh away and will leave lots of bad memories.



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 we have them here in Kansas


we have them here in Kansas as well. my wife is making headway on killing off the ones that live in our basement. when i see them, i generally just hit them with a shot of carb and choke cleaner. enough of that will kill even the biggest of beasts ;)

My son moved into a house with a bunch of spiders years ago. They set off a couple bug bomb's and left for the day. Ended the spider problem. His step son was terrified of them. His wife was just short of terrified.

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awekward... I didn't post the

awekward... I didn't post the above comment. My son is 2 years old. guess it's time to change my password.

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Your doing some pretty good

Your doing some pretty good macro stuff. I seldom have the patience to do macro. Strange too because I like setting up and using the 6x7 camera I have.

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Gnarly photos....did you stomp it out after?  Also, what lens were you using?  I know it's a macro but what focal length?  


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That was frightening.Spiders

That was frightening.Spiders seem pretty innocuous and there are only several varieties that can really kill. However, a spider bite can get very serious easily. For instance, one Jane Hefferan was attacked after graduating from law school and spent four years recuperating, incurring $1 million in medical debt. Article source:  Article source: investigate https://personalmoneynetwork.com/

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