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Brown Bear Load

in my opinion a 7mm or .300 are perfect bear guns in the hands of a seasoned hunter. Now a 7mm is good for shots not farther than 150 yards. Plus the 7mm may not kick a bears butt with authority at ranges under 50 yards. plus another challenge would be finding a relaxed un alert bear so he is nice and lose and the fairly small bullets can do its job. if you hunt with factory bullets use federal high energy. If you handload try a heavy charge and ahead of that a 195gr barnes original bullet. It should generate .270's velocity and hit with good penetration

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Brown Bear Load

I would go at least 375H&H and become well versed with your equipment. I load many different rifle loads and although the fast moving lighter loads are good, you want the weight and energy of the larger calibers.

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Brown Bear Load

I would suggest a 400 grain Nozler partition. Start with an average amount of whatever powder you prefer and vary the powder charge by a grain up and down until you find the load that groups the best. Good luck.

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Brown Bear Load

Unless you are hunting from a boat, I would not recommend anything less than a 338 win mag. I would only load 300 grain bullets designed for deep penetration and controlled expansion, and try like hell to get them up to at least 2,500 fps. That is pretty close to 375 H&H load.

BTW, 375 H&H loaded with 300 grain bullets at @2,500-2,600 fps is the most recommended combo for brown bear hunting.

In 416, go with the 400 grainers. You won't be taking a long shot, so you want as much as you can get out of that round. You will definitely feel it, but so will the bear!

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Brown Bear Load

Took down my Brown Bear this year with one shot from a 375 H&H at 100 yard. With just behind the left shoulder broadside hit it knocked him right off his feet with a Federal Cape Shok 300 Grain bullet. He then got up and ran 3 strides and dropped.

Study their anatomy before hunting because bullet placement is the most important thing on these dudes. If you gut shoot them you are going to have atough time no matter what caliber and load you have.

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Brown Bear Load

I took this Boone & Crockett ten footer from the Ugak Bay unit on Kodiak Island.
I used a .300 weatherby mag with .200 grain Nosler partitions.
He was dead on impact. however he was not excited or angry.

More Pics of this bear in the Alaska Forum.

Brown Bear Load

I don't wish to rain on anybody's parade but I will tell anybody weather they are a so called seasoned hunter or not, never do you want to go after those Big Brownies with a 7mm mag or even a 300 Win mag, as neither will stop a charge from an animal that can weigh in at close to a 1200lbs or perhaps even bigger.

Twice I was set upon by big bears and never ever forgot my experiences! However, I did learn from them and I will tell you that hunters using a .375H&H are not overgunned by any means. I now use the .416 Remington instead of the famed .375H&H. Premium bullets in the 350 grain weight or better yet the 400 grain will serve you well on your Brownie endeavor.

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Brown Bear Load

Since you already have the 416 Rem I would look into either a premium 400 grain load running about 2350-2400 fps or a handload using a premium bullet at that speed. Sighted in appropriately you should be fine with practice.

Good luck!

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Brown Bear Load
mountain man wrote:
federal loads a 400 gr trophy bonded bearclaw in 416

Agree with mountain man. Buy a couple of boxes of Federal premium with 400-grain slugs. You can buy the ammo at Anchorage, too.

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Brown Bear Load

nice browns boys

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