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Broadmouth Canyon Outfitters (ID & UT)- Thoughts/Comments???

Thinking about an elk hunt w/ this outfit.

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not for me

I would never hunt a high fenced ranch, but to each his own.  If you hunt it, be honest about where the elk came from.  Don't get caught telling people it was free range.

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I just checked out thier site

I just checked out thier site because I had never heard of them. To be fair they do ofer 60,000 acres of private free range hunts. Only 10,000 acres of the operation is high fence. It would just get confusing when telling your story since they do offer both types of hunts.

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Hard to believe you have

Hard to believe you have never heard of that operation that Rulon Jones of the Denver Broncos owns and operates.  He has separate ranches in two different locations.

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I just didn't put the names

I just didn't put the names together. I knew he had hunting ranches but not even where or the names of them.

And I am a much bigger hockey fan than football.

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I've never been up to the

I've never been up to the Idaho ranch (I have their dvd showing both ranches and property) but the Utah ranch is 30 min from my house so I've been up around there quite a few times and it's a very good area and lots of elk. I don't know if you're wanting to do a high fence or free range hunt but the Utah ranch has more free range elk on private property than the Idaho ranch and with an almost 100% success rate on free range hunts in Utah I'd go with that. (Not 100% success rate because hunters don't find a bull "big" enough"

The Utah free range property has bulls hitting the 400" mark and possibly some bigger and tons of bulls in the 350+ range. The size of bull you are wanting to take all depends on how much $$$$ you are willing to pay them, so if you are wanting to pay the absolute minimum you can take a bull in the 300-320" . I'm not going to try and preach to you about how I feel on high fence hunts to free range hunts but if I were doing this hunt I'd do the free range hunt because it's still going to be a challenging, fun hunt and also more ethical and you will be seeing tons of bulls and you will take home your trophy.

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Broadmouth Canyon Ranch

Understand you will be hunting an animal that arrived on a simi a few days ago. Also, you can always upgrade - never downgrade. My recomendation is sign up for a management hunt and upgrade if you like - if you pay for a trophy and don't get it, you won't get a refund.

JimmyB's comments relate to the fenced hunting option.  There is no guarantee on the free range hunt.  I hinted with them in November.

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