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Chuck wrote:
What kind of broadheads do you prefer, and why? 75g 100g 125g?

Sorry if this has already been said, I haven`t read through all the replies yet.

I prefer a fixed blade that is three times as long as it is wide. As close as possible anyway.
Last year I went with Magnus Snuffer. This year I probably will to, with my bow set near 80lbs and a 555 grain arrow, well that’s why I`m called pass threw…
I also like razor caps for the same design logic.

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I have used a numer of broadheads over my career and they have all been 125 grains, just because I believe in kinetic energy over speed: kinectic energy kills, speed does not. For reference, here is my set-up: Mathews Ultra Max set at 70 lbs, 30 inch draw, Beman CarbonMetalMatrix arrows weighing 509 grains and I shoot them at 266 fps yielding 79.9 foot pounds of energy. That being said, I have tested and destroyed hundreds of dollars worth of broadheads and there are three that I would recommend to anyone: Muzzy three blade 125, Steelforce 125, and the redesigned NAP Razorback 125. Placed on the front of a correctly spined arrow, they will fly like your field points. The worst broadheads? Here's a list: Delta Rothaar Snuffer, Satellite Titan, Rocky Mountain Ironhead (However, the RM Legend was a great head). Shot through solid oak pallet material at 5 yards, these heads literally blew up. For pure penetration, go with the Steelforce or the Razorback. The Muzzy penetrates very well and, for a three blade, performs comparably to both. Hope this helps

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Ive been using 125gr. nap thunderheads for a while now and I would recommend them to anyone.They have a ciamize blade with a 1 3/16 cutting Dia. that really does some damage.

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I fling a 100gr. thunderhead fixed broadhead and to date Ihave never had a arrow not pass through from turkeys to deer to rams to pigs the shot placment and havin a good idea how far your stuff will still kill and pass through Ishot last yrs. deer and 48 yrds and I have pictures if you all needs some that show big hole in both sides ..with all that said the thunderhead is one of many great heads Evil!

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I shoot a 100gr thunderherad really sharp and really good flys strate also.

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I shoot 125 gr muzzy broadhead from a crossbow. I choose 125gr because crossbow arrows are very light and they tend to not penetrate well with lighter braodheads. So to get maximum penetration heavier broadheads are needed. But with compunds I choose 75gr since the arrows are much heavier. Just my .02

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i think im gonna try bow hunting out since theres so many people doing it must be something about it people like and i get some great ideas from all you guys so why not..

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After seeing the results of this years hunt and plenty of reading and research.
I have gone to cut on contact for both of my recurves.
Muzzy 4 blade Phantom for the Red Wing hunter at 50#.
Magnus Stinger w/bleeder for the Bear Super Kodiak at 60#.

In the compounds I have gone back, again, to carbon arrows.
G/T XT Camo Hunters with the Steel Force Venom, 3 blade cut on contact, for the Martin Slayr at 60#.
For the Martin Phantom at 65#. Beman Black Max with the NAP Nitron.

I'm Liking these little Nitron heads. They fit these skinny HIT shafts like a good glove. A friend shot a couple of the Axis shafts with nitron heads into a concrete wall at 65#. There was no damage to the shaft. The nitron head was still intact and usable.

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im from Maine and am 16, i have been hunting deer with a bow since i was 10, i have currently got around 25 deer under expanded archery zones, i have used multiple broadheads, i was using a Bowtech Extremem VFT this year at 70 lbs. and the best working broadheads that i had were silver tip 100 grain broadheads, like everyone says, the muzzy's have worked perfect but i like something thast had a bigger cutting diameter.... when groundhunting i like to use the muzzy or cut on contact stinger 4 blade broadheads for specifically aiming for the shoulder and blowing through it, the muzzy has phenominal penetration power also the cut on contacts... treestand hunting i like to use the expandables for a more hard hitting and open hole at the bottom for best possible blood trail or also aim for the shoulder and bust through it, this winter i bought a Bowtech Tribute at 80 lbs. and new montech broadheads, i have heard nothing but good news about them and am planning on putting a couple through the shoulder... they are 100 gr and what i like about them is you can easily resharpen them on a flat stone... anything will work as long as you hit where you are aiming... the only broadhead i would not recommend is thunderhead 3 blade 100 gr. they consistently hit low and to the right no matter what i do to tune the bow, everything else has shot like a dart

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