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Wasp HI-Tech 105gr 4 blade
I only use 2 blades witch nocks it down to 95gr.

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I use Rocket Steelheads in 100 gr. I have never had a problem with these open on impact heads. I have tried a few others I was not happy with. Every good shot has resulted in a pass through leaving the arrow several inches in the ground on the other side. One shot was not so good, it hit the spine, the deer jumped the string. The result was a broken spine and the deer dropped in its tracks. Whatever you chose shot placement is the most important key.

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Muzzy 3 blade 125. It is a tough head that will go through bone. RNS


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Go 90 grain

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sorry not to be rude or anything, but how is there two posts about broadheads?

unless one of them is out of room for more posts and this one is made for more posts..i am not sure how you do things here, but back at the other forum i go to, it is a little different..

the other forum i go to is http://www.thehunterslife.com/forums

oh and by the way..

100 grain steel force broadheads for me ;)

good luck and god bless Big smile

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Modoc Broadheads

If your looking for a broadhead with incredible penetration, with cut on impact... look no further than at MODOC Broadheads. These heads are mad e here in Idaho, and though around for 10 years, the manufacturer has not pushed them into many retail outlets. Most is done through Mail Order.

I am current shooting these broadheads at 293 FPS, and they hit right where my practice points do. The 3 to 1 ratio design flys awesome, and hits where you aim it. ITs also responsible for the the Idaho State Record Mule Deer.

More info at Http://www.modocbroadheads.com

If you have any questions... email me directly.

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uhh..ya made 2 posts..same ones..

try deleting one..or the moderators will do it for ya..

good luck and god bless 8)

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First of all i think 125g brodheads for whitetail deer is just a little too much, when you shoot a bow you need accuracy. if you use a 125g brodhead it tends to not be as accurate especially MUZZY! i have been harvesting deer for many years now, i tried muzzy one year after shooting at six deer and hitting none. i also did all the steps paper tunnign and all that. after that i threw them away. steel force and north american archery offer the best cut on contact blades that have worked best for me ! at 100g and trust me it has more then enough punch!!!

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I've been bowhunting for 25 years which isn't long in a lot of books.

But a few things I think need to be said.

Cut on contact heads always penetrate better than any other type all things being equal(weight, arrow weight, speed etc..) But you have to be able to sharpen them well.

Chisel points come close in penetration though. But on large game I'll almost always stick to cut on contact. Especially something like Nilgai, African, and wild hogs. They are thick and take the best head you can use.

Cut on contacts that i'll use are snuffers(all weights), Zwickey(all weights), Simmons(all weights) and am waiting to try the Montocs. Have seen good things with them too. Sometimes on the heads with glue in inserts you have to make sure they are glued in true though.

The best replaceable head I've ever seen or used is the Muzzy. That doesn't mean I've used them all though. But I watched my wife run them through all kinds of bone, hogs, trees, rocks etc. and they amazed me. So much so that they are the only head I'll shoot thats not cut on contact. A failure with a Muzzy I've never seen and I've seen them put through the mill.

Weight of heads. Folks with deer and antelope you can get away with lots. But don't scrimp on weight with Elk and the like. If you want to shoot a rocket, do it on deer size animals. And I dont' care how many elk you killed with a 90 grain and carbons. It'll bite you sooner or later. Unless you are lucky enough to make perfect shots every time.

Which brings me to expandables. Though they are the rage I've seen enough failures to know I'll never shoot them again or let anyone I know shoot them. They do have a big plus which is hole size, but I can get that with a good snuffer if I need it. The failure to open, blades breaking off etc.... have all driven me away from them. At some point an open on impact will fail on you. And I know that the uninvited Mr Murhpy likes to join me so I avoid those heads.

There tends to be this idea that you need your broadheads to hit the same place as your field tips. Why, other than laziness, I dont' know. But I 'd never get wound up about it. Heck we take a 300 and use a 150 for deer, rezero and use a 180 for elk and maybe go a 200 for bear etc..... Its simple to rezero the bow. And its simple to practice with broadheads. In fact I normally shoot field tips most of the year and then zero with broadheads a week or two before season. Nothing changes. You still hold the 20 yard pin to hit at 20 etc....

I suppose I'm assuming that folks want open on impacts because tuning is usually easier. But tuning is a part of being a bowhunter. You can tune any bow to shoot almost any combo within reason. Just do it.

End thoughts FYI. I shoot a Brackenbury recurve with 125 snuffers. I'll be shooting 190 land sharks for moose with that bow. If I pick up my compound its carbon arrows and either 135 Zwickeys, 125 snuffers(200s for the hogs), or 125 Muzzy heads. Though I still have a bunch of 2117 shafts for both, and they fly just fine. And I use them at times. In fact often when hunting hogs I take carbon for deer and 2117 for penetration in hogs. Just have to know where to hold for each. Pretty simple.


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i use grim reper 100gr three blad macanical no mater what i always use 100gr cause it gives you good penatration and its not to havey or to light

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