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what ever you do DO NOT use rage broadheads, this week alone My friends and I have had four deer lost using them...all were lung shots and the deer were tracked for over 200 yrds then the blood trail was gone...I must admit they have a great advertisement department but its all hype

I double lunged a doe with a 100 grain 2 blade rage....and after 10 yards it sounded like an ice cream pail of water sloshing around in her chest, it was lights out shortly after. I have no complaints with them.

Like the others have stated, there are plenty of good broadheads out there.
For the price of 3 Rage broadheads you can get 6 Thunderheads, or 6 Muzzy's....which are both popular broadheads. Whatever you choose,,put it in the right spot and you'll be happy.

Good luck this season,


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shot my deer with mechanicals and lost no meat at all so use what ever you feel like would work for you

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Re: broadheads

Rage have worked great for me.... As in all cases keep them protected and dry or they will not stay sharp.

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Re: broadheads

anything from a sharpend stick to a mechanical broadhead will do the job if shot in the vitals, the muzzy should do fine i too used muzzy mx-3 they got the job done, but then switched to the G-5 montec. Evil!

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Re: broadheads

Montec G-5's are great, you can buy the sharpening kit and get some mileage out of them.

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Re: broadheads

I've been shooting with American broadheads on some varmints outside of season and they've been doing great! The entry hole is about 1 1/2 to 3 inches depending on the angle.


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Re: broadheads

Rage mechanicals work great for me and since I don't eat heart and lungs, I don't worry about meat damage Big smile

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