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Brittany For Waterfowl

I had a Brittany while growing up and I believe that when I can finally get dogs I want a lab and a brittany. Now I know that I would have the waterfowl hunting covered by the lab but has anyone ever heard of using a Brittany for waterfowl? My Brittany loved water but a hunter she was not. We got her way too late to train her.

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Have had Brits for over 20

Have had Brits for over 20 years and while most were natural retreivers and could do water retreives,  they can't take the cold like a lab would.  Fine for early season waterfowl but I wouldn't send mine in the water in late Nov here in Wis.  Would be totally cool to have a Brit that was steady to wing and shot and have the lab retreive on land.  I have seen them work together and it is ....well....priceless