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Brittany Spaniel

I've just recently acuired a 16 week old Britt pup and i would like to learn how to train it for upland birds. Can somebody point me in the right direction og any good books, or if there is somebody around my local area could they help? I'll take any advice or suggostions....local area is Hobbs NM

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Re: Brittany Spaniel

Welcome to BGH!

There are a lot of good books out there but only one I ever recommend. "The Best Way to Train Your Bird Dog- The Delmar Smith Method" x Bill Tarrant

It's and older book and some things have been changed by Delmars son, Rick Smith. But the one thing he can't change is the fact that the method works so well and is simple.

You'll probably get other suggestions including Woolter's- Gun Dog. I always recommend reading it once to see how not to do things and then burning it. As I understand it Woolter's was a retriever man and a writter that decided to do a book on pointing dogs. So as the story goes he got the setter he trains in it and writes a book about what he does, right or wrong.

There are other good books I'm sure and which you used doesn't make as much difference as making sure you stick to one method. If something about that method seem's not to work, find out what you are doing wrong. After you've done a couple dog's with one method, it really begins to make sence! Have fun and don't forget to go to my new post in a couple minutes to see two new photo's of my Bodie on point. (A shameless plug!!!)

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Re: Brittany Spaniel

Hey Don i laugh each time i read when you trash the Gun Dog book by Richard A. Wolters Laugh
I was recomemded the book and VCR tape ten years ago when i got my first (GSP) dog, the book worked good except for WOOW breaking the dog, i broke him on a table.
When my first dog was three he won the regional quail unlimited trials, but i didnt follow up with it because hunting planter birds wasnt very challanging.
Two of my buddies also used the book and both of them went to the NAGDA nationals and won the whole thing, and boy did i have to lesten to there crap.
My thoughts are for true results you must devote alot of time and hard work and not over presuring the dog longer than its attension span will allow,
and don't train the dog when your in a fowl mood, and when the dogs ready put it on alot of birds and keep it FUN!!!FUN!!!FUN!!! for the dog.
Is it the book that matters, maybe or maybe not?
Its most definitely the dedication envolved!!!!

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