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Bringing in the Hogs

I was born and raised here in south georgia and have always hunted, but never really hunted hogs that much. I have recently joined a club that is known for having some hogs, but there not thick like some places around. I have heard all sorts of tips from people on the club and around about getting them in, from burned motor oil to old peaches on the ground. The area that I am hunting is at the bottom of a creek and is somewhat swampy. Water doesn't always stand, but can stay pretty wet. What is the bet ways to get the hogs to come back in around the stand area. Any suggestions?


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Bringing in the Hogs

Welcome to BGH gadawg31

Corn will get them in and keep them there as long as it is there for them.

Vanilla is also a good scent to use if you already know where they are but need to try and get them to come too you.

Burnt oil, (the burnt-er the better) poured onto a burlap sack and tied to a fair sized (8-10 in) tree will most certainly work wonders. The Hogs will uproot the tree eventually. It is, however, probably not a legal method so check local laws before attempting.
An old creosote pole will also work but they are getting harder to come by and you'll constantly have to replant it as the Hogs root and waller around it until it falls over.

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Bringing in the Hogs

OK... here's a tip that was told to me by a friend of mine.

Take a 5 gal bucket and fill it a little over half way with corn. then add 3 two liter bottles of Big Red... (Dr Pepper will work but not as well as the big red... I don't know why). Make 4 or 5 buckets this way. Put the lids on and allow to ferment for about 3 weeks. Take to your hunting site and bury the bucket (Upright) to about 4 inches from the top and remove the lid. Refill this bucket once a day for 3 or 4 days from the supply. on about the third day you will be able to shoot as many hogs as you like... and in most cases, depend on how much they managed to eat, most of them won't even run when you shoot. I've used this method many times with great success. I once killed 7 hogs off of one bucket in less than 2 hours from 20 yards away waring a white tee shirt and jeans and sitting in plain view against an oak tree. It was almost sad... damn good BBQ that weekend though.

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