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Bringing game back from British Columbia

Hey folks,

I am getting ready for a goat hunt in BC. I live in Texas and plan on flying Air Canada there and back. I will have to transport my meat, horns and hide back. I haven't ever done this before, usually the processor has a company that will deliver to a city nearby where I can pick it up at.

My outfitter was saying that I can put them in 50lb containers and bring them back with me but I don't fully understand what he is saying. He explained that he has everything I need to do get it back but that's not good enough for me. I want to understand exactly what I need. Has anyone ever flown and transported your meat back like this?


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Meat transporting

I posted a reply on the BC Forum on how I flew meat back in a cooler.  This question sounds a little different as your outfitter is providing you with shipping containers.

Airlines don't like baggage to bleed.  Years ago several friends and I did a DIY caribou hunt in Alaska.  We flew our meat and capes back in waxed cardboard boxes that they ship salmon in.  We sealed the capes and meat in large plastic bags then froze them inside the boxes.  Your outfitter has done this before, so I'm guessing that he uses a similar system.

Your goat horns and skull cap are small enough to fit in another box with either meat or hide.  The skull cap should be thourouly cleaned of meat and brain tissue, or US Customs may throw a fit.

Like I said in my other post, the airlines will charge you for each checked item so that goat meat could be pretty expensive dog food.  I've basically lived on wild meat for the past 40 or so years, but my advise would be to fly as little goat meat home as possible.

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