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Brand new and looking for advice

Howdy everybody,


I am hoping to start hunting this coming fall but have no background or experience hunting.  I've been shooting for a couple years so am comfortable with firearm safety and a pretty good shot but that's as far as it goes.  I've been reading through the Idaho F&G website and have gotten lots of good info there but reading a pamphlet is one thing and actually heading out during season thinking I'd be able to find/shoot/dress a deer is another.  Any advice how best to learn?  I've looked into guiding services and that is one option...but a really expensive option.  I'm in my late 20s and have got years of backcountry experience hiking, camping, rock climbing, etc. (I build hiking trails professionally).  Eager to learn new skills but not sure how to get going!     

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The ideal thiing would be to find a hunting partner, maybe join a shooting club - gun range. or you can do it on your own, it takes time to learn hunting skills, you could watch some hunting DVDs to help with that, as far as gutting a deer and quartering it, that part is easy.

if i lived closer to you, i would be more then happy to take you out to get you started, and there may be some Idaho guys that will make that offer.