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B&P Shotgun Shells

I just bought 2 cases of #4 steel B&P Italian shotgun shells. Has anybody tried these? I usually use Winchester Xpert.

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B&P Shotgun Shells

I've heard of them and seen them advertised. They're supposed to be pretty good. Just like you I also have been using Winchester Xpert Steel. A lot of waterfowl shooters say it's junk, but as long as I do my part I've never missed a duck or goose. I did cut open one shell from various lots that I have and various size shot shells to see if all the myths about the Xpert being a mix match of scrap shot was true. Well my finding were that all those bashings about the Xpert were way over exaggerated and constantly repeated on the internet by people who never bothered to check for themselves. True, the Xpert shot isn't the most consistant when it comes to roundness, that's why it's so inexpensive, it's an economy load. I found that some pellets were slightly flattened on one side and some were kinda rough, but most were round enough. Shot size per shell were all consistant, all the number 2's were all the same size shot, no mix match. Same with the BB and number 4 shot.

If you can find that Italian stuff at a good price then go for it. But again I have no personal experience with it. For now I'll stick with the Winchester Xpert or Federal steel loads until I run out, then I'll stock up on what's the least expensive Big smile

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