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Boycott in Colorado?

I'm surprised that I haven't seen any discussion on this topic yet. Have I missed it?
Personally, I have never hunted in CO, but if this is how they are going to treat the issue, I won't be going there any time soon.


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I was planning to hunt elk in

I was planning to hunt elk in two years in Colorado.

I won't now. As far as I'm concerned Colorado is dead to me and I don't plan on spending any of my hard earned money there. The Colorado politicians need to learn that their votes have consequences.

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"f''em!  Lefties make their bed, let them lie in it.  Time they learn actions have consequences.  I understand Colt may be relocating as well.



Was doing a little light reading, Caesar and Christ, the 3rd volume of the Story of Civilization from Will Durant, written in 1944 and the 3rd of eleven books written over a lifetime.  They are very well known, and the volume in question can be found here: 

Here is a couple very small excerpts from the epilogue, keep in mind this was written in 1944, and about the fall of the Roman empire:


A great civilization is not conquered from without until it has 
destroyed itself within. The essential causes of Rome's decline lay in 
her people, her morals, her class struggle, her failing trade, her 
bureaucratic despotism, her stifling taxes, her consuming wars. 

: the ablest men married 
latest, bred least, and died soonest. The dole weakened the poor, 
luxury weakened the rich

Moral decay contributed to the dissolution. The virile character 
that had been formed by arduous simplicities and a supporting faith 
relaxed in the sunshine of wealth and the freedom of unbelief; 
men had now, in the middle and upper classes, the means to yield to 
temptation, and only expediency to restrain them. Urban congestion 
multiplied contacts and frustrated surveillance, immigration brought 
together a hundred cultures whose differences rubbed themselves out 
into indifference. Moral and esthetic standards were lowered by the 
magnetism of the mass; and sex ran riot in freedom while political 
liberty decayed."

Now remember, that was written in 1944 about Rome.................

Bill Whittle speaking in TO, except he's not talking about Rome:


I've always fiercely enjoyed reading history.  I figure we learn from our parents, our grandparents, why not our great, great, great...........grandparents.  The nice thing about history is no matter how you spin it, the facts remain the same.  Too bad politicians are lawyers and not historians. 

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I would actually like to see

I would actually like to see quite a few non resident hunters boycott Colorado.  That way it would relieve a lot of pressure that I see in the hills and help out us residents of the state. Evil!

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I suspect that a lot of

I suspect that a lot of people will see this as making it easier hunting. They won't boycott. To bad if that does happen. Only say people have is not to show up to spend money!

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Not good all around

This may not be good for several reasons - small CO businesses will be taking the brunt of this "boycott" and CPW will most likely would raise prices on tags to negate any losses of income.  But based on the CPW web site traffic on April 2nd deadline the boycott may just be a good threat and not real action.  We will see once the hunting data is released.  I'm looking to possibly try a drop camp this year so maybe I can get a deal? 


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From what I have read some

From what I have read some outfitters have had hunts canceled on them, but I can't understand how someone would cancel a hunt that they have made a non refundable deposit on.  Also in the article mentioned it says that the Outdoor Channel will cease production in Colorado.  Well, that is just one producer on the channel and since the Outdoor Channel recently accepted an offer to be purchased by Denver-based Kroenke Sports and Entertainment LLC, which owns and operates the Denver Nuggets and Colorado Avalanche I doubt that will happen. 

Also talking to the half dozen outfitters that I know in my area none of them have had a hunt canceled on them. 

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There are only four gun shows

There are only four gun shows produced by one guy (Michael Bane)that's on the Outdoor Channel that are being pulled from Colorado. It's a shame that more people aren't thinking of the overall picture that say they will boycott the state. The Denver metro area where all the Libs live that are running the state is what got that ban passed and they would love to see a lot of hunters quit coming because it won't harm them at all. The people this is going to hurt are the ones that need our backing the most right now and that's all the great people out in the rural areas that depend on hunting to make it through the year. They didn't want this BS any more than any of us did, just like most of the rural country didn't vote for BO in either election, butgot him forced down our throats by the big city Libs and minorities that vote for whoever will give them the best deal in entitlements for doing little to nothing(welfare, food stamps, rent subsidies, etc.). The only boycott that would do any good would be one that could be devoted to the people and businesses that are for these kind of bans. To boycott an entire state because of the Libs that got this through will do no good at all. There will also be enough people that seize this opportunity thinking this will give them a better chances of a good hunt that it will completely negate the ones who don't go. Watch the stats that come out when the draw is completed and I'll bet any of you that there will be no meaningful difference in licenses sold from previous years.

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Won't work, but....

I don't think a boycott of hunting in Colorado, as a response to our new gun legislation, is a solution to fixing this state.  It's no more of a solution than all this new gun legislation is to preventing violent crime across this country.  To me it's all the wrong move to the situation.  We may get a chance to fix it here this November anyway.  I hear there is a pretty good chance of at least one of those gun bills making it on the November ballot for us to vote on.  As for me I still plan on hunting here in my state and have applied for my 1st season tags.  But for those who want to boycott.....go ahead....to each their own.  That especially goes for out-of-state folks.  I think this state can use a long overdue and much needed break from being overrun by out of state folks.  If the masses do plan on a baycott of hunting here then this season may actually trun out to be the best one yet for me without all the extra hunting pressure that normally comes with the season.

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