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Bowtech owners I need a little help

Ok this may be a little long but please bare with me. I am in the market for a new bow. I am a 27 inch draw guy so my problem is getting any speed obviousely. I would like to get a bow with enough speed to kind of make up for my draw length and Im not much concerned about brace hidthes.I am however getting a little older and want to go down to a 50-60 bow instead of a 60-70. I recently tried to shoot a new hoyt katera and after two months I could never get used to the feel of the hoyt. It was a wonderfull bow, but just never did get to feel natural to me like my older mathews did. I currently dodnt like anything in the mathews lineup. SOOOO now I am going to buy a bow from the bowtech or diamond lines, they are the bows that feel most natural to me but here is the problem, all of them kinda feel alike to a certain degeree. I know many of you guys have owned many bowtechs and can give some insight.
First and foremost I am going to be useing the bow for hunting everything from whitetails here in missouri to elk in colorado to speed goats out west. Secondly I am going to start shooting some 3D localy on the weekends.
I am going to probably buy a new bow tomorrow, and I was wondering which models you guys think is the best for me. Here is the scoop, I am looking at mainly 07 bows because I can get them between 560-600 depending on which one I choose, so why should I choose on 08 and pay 150 more? Did any of them get changed in the 08 year, besides the bows that came out new in 08 like the 101st and 82nd?
Next the bows that I am looking at for sure so far is :

07 bows
Equalizer is first because of my draw this bow will probably be fastest next

08 bows are

What are yalls thought as far as what is best for my situation. I am a little unsure how I will like the longer 101 and 82 as I am a short guy and dont know if I will notice much of a difference in the tree stand.
Lastly some of the bows like the allegiance and maybe the guardian, not sure, have a speed mod as well as a smooth mod, which do you prefer in which bow. Thanks for any help guys. I need it.

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Bowtech owners I need a little help

I don't think anyone can answer your question but you. Bowtechs are good bows.

I have a tomkat, but just bought a Mathews. Nothing wrong with the tomkat, just wanted another bow.

I am assuming you want to hunt with the bow - so pure speed isn't really necessary.

I went with a Mathews switchback LD which is a slower, but more forgiving bow that should result in a more accurate bow for me. As my primary objective is killing animals, I don't care about speed as much as accuracy.

Now someone shooting 3 D or tournaments might want more speed.

Try the bows and get the one you like the best - I don't think you can go wrong with any of them.

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Bowtech owners I need a little help

you have a lot of qualatative things in your post, so quantify some of the stuff to help you make a decision. You know your draw length, desired weight, that is good. How fast are you looking for? is 250fps fast enough, or are you in the mood for 300, or faster? Are you going to shoot aluminum or carbon? how heavy of an arrow will you shoot? from my experience, you can get a good feeling bow and set it up to meet your wants. Also, what is more important, hunting or 3D? set up will likely be different for either, so you may have to compromise. are you willing to do that? Hope this helps...

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Bowtech owners I need a little help

Sounds to me like your wanting an 08 82nd airborne. I shoot all the bowtechs all the time (weekly), and that's what your description desires. If you want to go to an 07, you'll want the Allegiance with the speed mods. I know the 08 and 07 mods are interchangable, so......airborne mods on an allegiance = $30 for an increase of around 10-15 fps (but you didn't hear that from me). Or, spend a little extra on your arrows and go with Cheeta's with 85 grain tips. Get down to 5 grains per LB pulled and you'll be fine.

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