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As I am have recently posted, I am new to hunting.  I am in the research stage of what direction I want to go.  Over the past couple of weeks I have been thinking about getting into bow hunting.  Over the past few days, I have been looking at and researching bows.  I have shot two bows so far.  I shot a Hoyt and a Bowtech Assasin.  Out of those two bows, I really like the Bowteck.  For being my first time, it was a rush just to fire the bow, even if it was at a targer 15 yards away. 

The Bowtech seemed to be a little easier to draw the string and I really like the way it shot.  I plan on looking at other bows and firing more.

As anybody in here use any of the Bowtech bows?  If so, what do you like about them.  If not, what do you shoot?


Thank you for your time.

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I have been shooting the Bowtech S.W.A.T. since 2010 and love it. I like how smooth and accurate the bow is. I have been shooting bows since I was 6 and have shot many different bows over the years. You are on the right track for sure . Find what fits and shoots the best for you and enjoy.  Thumbs up


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Thank you


Thank you for the reply.  So far the Bowtech Assasin feels the best.  I shot it again at 60 lbs and it felt smooth.  I am starting to get the feel and how to aim and shoot.



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What hoyt were you using?

I myself am looking a purchasing a Hoyt Rampage XT, with the QAD Ultra-Rest HD Pro Series, 4 Pin IQ Bowsight, Hoyt 2 piece quiver. I was also looking at the Bowtech assassin, but was discouraged by some posts i seen on the net.

Here is the topic i was reading about some problems


Have you had the same porblems if npt when did you purchase you're bow because they might have fixed the problem by now.




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Bowtech Assassin

The Assassin is hands down the best performing bow for the money.  Not to mention faster than the XT, allot smoother draw cycle and cheaper!  Bow is smooth as silk, great valley, best wall in the business, vibe free and pretty fast too.  Plus they come with the RAK system.  Don't bother with hear say comments.  This bow is sweet and have had zero problems with it and saved me a ton of cash too.  

I tried others but keep going back to the Assassin and glad I got it.


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Good to hear

Good to hear because i wanted the assassin in the first place. Do you know anything about the IQ retina lock sights? as well as the QAD pro rests? Im definataly going with Retina lock sights i just dont know what brand, the IQ 4 pin sights are around 200.000 i just dont know were else to look other than Sure-Loc but there friggen 400.000 and i dont need that good of sights lol.


So do you know any Sights that feature the Retina lock that you recommend other than the IQ 4 pin sights? As well what is your take on the QAD Ultra-Rest HD Pro Series?

Thanks for replying.

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Botwech Response


Let me start by saying that all the major bow companies make excellent equipment, but for me Botwech has proven year after year to produce top notch, cutting edge equipment that sets them apart from the rest.  I've lost count of all the Bowtech bows I've onwed over the years (Commander, Allegience, Admiral, Guardian, 82nd Airborne, Assassin, Destroyer 350, Sentinel, Specialist, Insanity CPX, Invasion, ...) Yeah, I'm a Bowtech junky.  I love cutting edge technology and every year, amazingly, they somehow step up their product line a notch.  I anticipate the new year, simply to find out which bow I want to buy next.  Smooth draw, smooth shot, quiet, reliable, fast....I've never had an issue with any Bowtech bow I've ever owned.  And as much as I shoot, thats really saying something.  I have 5 hanging in my basement now and its like giving away one of my children when my wife finally makes me thin them out.  Bottom line, you won't go wrong with a Bowtech bow, and the Assassin is an EXCELLENT set up if you are just getting into archery...top quality product at an excellent price!  Definitely bang for your buck! 

Good Luck!

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Don't know anything about

Don't know anything about Bowtech, but since you asked, I shoot a Hoyt Cobalt.  All my accessories are pretty basic.  I think if given the opportunity, the bow is definitely capable of getting the job done.  

Are you any closer to making your decision?

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Going to shooters choice indoor range this weekend

So i hope this will settle my opinion on the two bows. I know they have the assassin is in stock im just hoping they have the Hoyt Rampage so i can get a feel for both and see exactly what i feel the difference's are but it still going to be a hard decision i think. Its almost like the Ford v Chevy debate lol. But the more imput the better thats why i allways ask before i go and buy something. Thanks for your imput guys appreciate it.

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Thank you guys for the

Thank you guys for the advice.  I think that I am going with the Bowtech Assasian.  I really like the way it fires.  I tried out a few different bows and for some reason, I keep coming back that model. 

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I too am new to Archery. Just

I too am new to Archery. Just starting to get the hang of it.

As late as I am in this reply, you may have already made your decision and  made your purchase.  I took several months making up my mind. I shot eveything the shops would let me shoot before I made up my mind.  I also read some good material that helped me be an informed purchaser.  An archery equip sales site called "hunters friend" has a section of the site called a compound bow guide.  http://www.huntersfriend.com/bowselection.htm 

Excellent explanation of compound bows and how they work.  NOT a bunch of sales hype by a particular bow company.  I did not buy a bow from this site but did gain a wealth of information from it.  Best of luck.

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