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bowhunting turkeys

Yes and with hot water

and a plucking wheel with rubber tips on it

Was a giant mess, feathers -- well you figure it out.

Just skin it out.

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bowhunting turkeys

MY 1st year turkey hunting with a shotgun my dad called in 2 toms for me and we were able to get both of them but this year i was going to try to hunt them with my bow but i am still wondering where to shoot them with a bow?
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bowhunting turkeys

Shoot 'em in the neck! If you're not that good of a shot then just shoot right thru the body and pin the wings so you can run up and break its neck before it tries to fly away.
Or just practice and shoot for the neck!

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bowhunting turkeys

ok thanks I can shoot pretty good so i will practice some more to make sure i dont miss

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bowhunting turkeys

Being that you can take two birds this spring here in PA...I'm going to try one with a shotgun then one with a bow and see how it works out...

I breast my out as well.......

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bowhunting turkeys

I shot one turkey with a bow. It flew and I lost it. I had turned down my draw weight, and was using an arrow stopper too, but the arrow still passed completely through the bird. Anyway, I decided I didn't really want to mess with that again. I'd probably shoot at a turkey if I got a shot at one during bow season, though.

Also, I plucked one turkey and decided never to do that again either. Nowadays, I skin them like I would a rabit or something. It's much easier.

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Practice shot

I had a turkey hunting friend of mine tell me that he puts a beer can on top of his target. He feels it's kinda like the head. I tried it. It definitley had a different feeling to it when practicing. Of course I spent just as much time walking past back of the target looking for missed arrows on my property Brick Wall,)
I'm trying turkey hunting with a bow for the first time too htis year. I'll just be happy to find one, lol

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bowhunting turkeys

There is a new broadhead out there for turkey hunting called the turkey guillotine. It is fo head and neck shots and looks pretty deadly...Everyone should check it out.

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bowhunting turkeys

Got this one several years ago. Since then I have been busted a couple times, and came up empty.
A friend of mind taught me this way to clean a turkey. Put several pots of water on the stove to boil. Hold bird over trash can and pure boiling water over a portion of the bird, wipe feathers away with hand. Repeat until they are gone.
They practically fall out. Big smile

PS- I usually pull out all the tail feathers to give to the neighbor kids before hand. The hot water ruins them, and the kids like 'em.

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