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Bowhunting questions for vermont.

I have been hunting Vermont for about 30 years, Born and raised here. Now I have 2 sons and this year they are getting a little more into hunting so I am feeling a little more pressure to bring home a deer. I have had good luck most of the time, but I just wanted to ask these questions to other Vermont bow hunters.

1. Have you had more success in the AM or PM in VT?
2. How often have you found a spot with a lot of tracks but never seen a deer there during legal hours.
3. What things do you look for when scouting? Most important?
4. When not seeing animals do you get discouraged and maybe not hunt as hard as you were in the begginning of the season?
5. Have you had more success early in the seaon or later.
6. How late do you sit in the morning?
7. I take a scent free shower before I go out. Is this good enough for scent control?

Thanks for the tips. Good luck this year.

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Bowhunting questions for vermont.

I also have two young boys who want nothing more than to be with me in the woods when I harvest and animal. I keep having to remind them there's a reason its called hunting and not grocery shopping (old I know, but I'm trying to teach them patience). But if your a native Vermonter, you already know that. Here is what I can tell you about my experiences in answer to your questions.

1. I've had more sucess at dusk, but that may be a product of where I happen to hunt. I also see deer at dawn but I've had more sucess at dusk.
2. every time I go out. lol
3. bedding areas, food sources, and trails between the two.
4. lol
5. I have more sucess early in the season with doe, and about two weeks into the season with bucks as they start to chase the doe.
6. Until about 10:00am early in the season, and all day into the rut.
7. Ought to be. IMHO, so long as the wind is in your face, it doesn't really matter what you do. I feel the same about using camo. So long as your still, it doesn't really matter what you have on.

Good luck with your hunt, and enjoy your boys before they move on to their own hunting grounds.

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