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Bowhunting Colorado Unit 62

I am going Bowhunting Elk in Colorado Unit 62 !st week of Sept anyone know of a good place to start that early.Have been there but it was later in the year.

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Divide Road or Roubideau Creek area

You can join the hunter's parade along Divide Road and then head down the drainage of your choice. It's all possible through there, but patrolled heavily because it's on the border of Unit 61, which is a "trophy area" It's sort of down hill hunting and up-hill to camp type of hunting though. Last year a fellow shot a nice bull during archery in Unit 61 and tried to claim it was shot in 62, then ran across the road into 61. He got busted....so be careful.

There's another spot that's good later in the year, but I don't know about archery in the mid-drainage stretches of Roubideau Creek.

Check out the mapping website: Click on Unit 62 and snoop araound. If you select the feature that shows elk concentrations, you'll see the pattern, but it only provides generalities. You can also select land ownership that will indicate public vs private land.


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Bowhunting Colorado Unit 62

That is some good info.

I personally also think you could get lucky and see a decent bull.

The elk do not know a boundary and bow hunting is early enough you may catch a decent bull form 61 over the border into 62.


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