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Bowhunters needind help

I am one of ten soldiers who are currently stationed in Edmond, Oklahoma serving the US Army in the capacity of US Army recruiters. Because of our extremly limited recreational time, we do not get the opportunity to get out and hunt as often as we would like to. Another obstacle that we face is the fact that none of us are from the State of Oklahoma so therefore, we have no access to property that is familiar to us. We are all perdominently bowhunters and are looking for any and all hunting opportunities in our area.

If anyone has any information about public land or private land owners that would be willing to open their gates to accomadate a few soldiers for some hunting opportunities, please let me know.

Feel free to send all responses to : Terrence.Davis@usarec.army.mil

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Bowhunters needind help

Don't have any information but I do want to thank you for serving our country and providing us/me with the freedom we/I have. If it weren't for you guys/gals we wouldn't be able to be out there hunting and fishing. Merry Xmas! Thumbs up

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