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Bowhunt unit 624 and 627,Washington

New member,1st post!
I have hunted the Okanogan for 20 plus years, modern firearm with great success, normally backpacking in 3-5 plus miles. I miss the days when the Big Old Canadian Greys sauntered thru!!

This year I purchased a bow and have spent the last 3 months practicing and shooting daily. I am now comfortable to hunt with this bow.

So! to topic.
We have a family cabin near PT, and I have never hunted these units, have always been out fishing. The time has come and I would like any info from anyone as roughly where to go as it seems most areas are private lands.
Also, I have never hunted Blacktails, always gone for the big Mulies.

Fyi, I am not against packing in at all.
Please, any input would be appreciated.
Also, I have enjoyed reading the post on this forum, only found it a few days ago.

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Bowhunt unit 624 and 627,Washington

Welcome to BGH. Have no Idea what PT is but it's beautiful around Okanogan!

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Oh, sorry, Port Towsend.
And yes, the Okanogan is awesome. Hunted the Methow Valley for 20 years. I am just looking for info on the units mentioned above, yes, I know folk aren't going to give the co-ords of where to go but some clues would be great.

Thanks for the response.

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