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Bow string fray

I just bought a Bowtech Assassin a couple days ago. I've shot maybe 100 arrows and the string seems to be fraying. Is this normal or should I be concerned. I have been waxing the strings as instructed when I bought the bow. I've attached a picture. The fray is minimal but I'd like some input. It's the strands near the black part of the photo. 


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I have never seen a string

I have never seen a string start to fray without it rubbing on something.  You might want to take it into a archery shop and see what they think. 

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Get it checked out

I would get it checked out for sure before you get hurt

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So you both agree that those

So you both agree that those fibers mean it's fraying? I'll get it checked out ASAP. Thanks for the input!

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