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bow speed and draw wt average

I got the new Hoytt turbo hawk 50-60# bow.  I got it maxed out and with string stretch after lots of practice, it is pulling 58#'s and shooting around 260-264 fps.  I am shooting Beman 400 ics hunters with a 100 grain tip and blazer 2" veins.  My draw length is 28.5".  Arrows are 26.5" before adding field tips to them.  Is this a good speed and poundage on this bow?  I am learning about archery and hunting with it more and am just confussed on how much wt to pull and what speeds are appropriate for a good bow.  What are some of your averages in the true world and not the IBO rating of catalogs?

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made a change

today I went to my local pro shop instead of academy sports.  The bow pulled at 60#'s even and clocked 274.  I purchased 4 new Easton flat line shafts and cut them to length.  Now the same bow is shooting at 293 and my first pin is dead on at 30 yards and just a tad high at 20 (maybe an inch).  I may not even put a 20 yard pin on.  what is some of you guys thoughts on this?

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I have my Bowtech Patriot

I have my Bowtech Patriot (70lb limbs) at 65lb, 30-inch draw.  My arrows are just a tick under 400 grains and move out around 270fps.  If you're shooting accurately and comfortably... keep doing what you're doing.

You will get 1,000 opinions on what to do and what not to do.  But really you don't need more than 240fps or so to kill a large game animal.  It sounds like you have your bow tuned to your liking... if you are hitting consistantly where you want to then, to quote Digital Underground, "Do whatcha like"

My cousin has a "7 Deadly Pins" on his and it shoots well over 300fps, anything under 40 yards and the pins are so close together he almost doesn't need to know the yardage.  If you can hit a 3" target at 20 yards with no 20yd pin... then you obviously do not need a 20 yd pin.    ;)

Higher speed is great too, makes your arrow arc less and takes less time to cross the gap between you and your target.  But higher speed can also mean more noise when you release.  At 20 or 30 yards it might not make much difference... but at 40+ that extra noise can cause an animal to flinch and your arrow to miss the mark, or miss entirely.

I'm no knocking higher speed... just something to think about.  Target bows are typically very fast and very accurate... but very noisy because they are not designed to be sneaky.

It's a trade off in most cases.


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Honestly, i think arrow

Honestly, i think arrow weight has a much to do with killing/penetration as does arrow speed.  You need to have some good energy behind that shot to get the good penetration.

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