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Bow Hunting In Washington

Hey Iam bow in washington I have never bow hunted before and was wondering if anybody had anyt tips and tricks for me Iam hunting in chewelah for whitetail deer and maybe elk and turkey any tips and tricks would help out alot

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I suggest going into the

I suggest going into the whitetail section to pick up some tips too.  As far as bow hunting whitetail, you need to do some scouting to figure out where the deer are within 20 yards.  Unlike rifle hunting where you just need to be close, bow hunting requires a precise setup.  Look for food sources, trails, pinch points funnels rubs and scrapes to get an idea where to put your stand.  Make sure that it provides good cover for you so that you are not siloheted when in it and be sure to clear your shooting lanes to present a clear shot when it happens.

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