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Bow Camera

Has anyone mounted a camcorder to their bow for a hunt? Looks like it can be done by mounting the holder in the stabilizer hole then the camera on the mount. I'd love to see some pics if anyone has one. Thanks. Question

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Bow Camera

Never have tried it , but check this gadget out Thumbs up

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Bow Camera

No way I would do that....Absolutly STUPID idea....It would SOOOOO interfear with your form...You would have to practice for a year with that thing on your bow to attain proper form with it as well as follow-through. Just another gimmic to get film in the woods at the expence of performance Brick Wall,)

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Bow Camera

I think that most people that want this kind of film footage attach a camcorder to another person and stick them in the tree next to the shooter. Laugh

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