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Boundary Waters Deer Hunt Question

Hello All- I am looking at planning a deer hunt in 2007 up north in the BW. Have never hunted there, but did hunt deer in AK a few years back. My questions are:
1- What type of weather is to be expected?
2- Can a group of guys canoe to hunt, or is it too cold/icey?
3- Are there still nice, big bucks up there in the northwoods?
4- Would it be feasable to camp the week out in the woods?

Any other info on what to plan for would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks, Joe

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Boundary Waters Deer Hunt Question

Welcome to the board! I live near Ely, MN - right in the heart of the BW, so I feel qualified to answer your ?'s.

First, the weather in November can be anything. Temps from below zero to 60+ degrees, rain, snow, etc. 3 years ago it was -15 with 6 inches of snow on opening day(Sat). By Wed of that week the snow was gone and it was 50. So be prepared for anything.

Many folks do travel by canoe and spend both weeks of the season in the wilderness. It's really the only way to get anywhere in the BW. You do need to make sure it doesn't freeze before you get out though! There are some hiking trails but you would be somewhat limited in where you could go.

There are many nice, big woods deer out here!!

Check out the Superior National Forest website for info on the Wilderness Area.

As usual get some good maps and be prepared, cause it is unforgiving country-especially in November.

Let me know if you have any other ?'s I can help you with

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