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Both of them

Both Barack Obama and John McCain are still collecting their $165,000.00 annual salaries, but neither one of them are doing their job.

Where else could you still collect your paycheck while trying to get a better job, but not doing your curent job while doing so?

I wrote both of them and told them they were doing a disservice to our country by continuing to collect their paychecks from the Senate while running for President, because they are not doing their jobs.

Both of them have a lot more money than I do, so they could certainly afford to resign from the Senate while running for President. That way someone would be able to step in and do the job in their absence. I'll bet neither one of them resign.

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Both of them

This may sound ridiculous, but $165K a year really isn't much to live on in the D.C. area -- especially if you have a second home in your home state. What I think is ridiculous is the pension program.