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Bosque del Oso late cow and draw startegy

Made my first elk hunt last year, OTC 2nd season on Unit 85 public land. We didn't see anything, but we learned a lot. I need some people with a little knowledge to review my plans for this tear before I put in for tags.

I don't have any points, and want to start accruing some. My plan is to put in for a Bosque rifle as my first choice, so I can get the point. Then use my other choices to apply for the 3 Bosque SWA late season cow hunts. In the past these have required 2 pts in some seasons, but have been available with no points in others.

I also plan on going back to the same place we hunted last year for an OTC archery hunt.

Am I approaching the draw correctly? I am going to request the left over draw if I don’t get one of the cow tags.

Are there better choices for late season cow hunts on public land?

My primary concern for the late season hunt is the roads. I don’t have any local knowledge of anywhere in the state, and don’t want to get a tag somewhere that the roads will be closed. I picked Bosque, because it is an easy drive from my home, and if I can’t shoot a cow, I would at least like the opportunity to SEE a bull.

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I hunted in one of the late

I hunted in one of the late seasons in Bosque in 2009 and got a cow after about 2 days of hunting. There was one other cow killed in the first weekend I hunted with the 20 or so people hunting the drainage I was in. A couple things I noticed was you will see a 10 bulls to ever cow seen. Even Bob Holder the DWM said that the BDO is a bull winter range area, and has limited cows. But they are still there. The roads are mostly open to oil & gas traffic only, unless you get one and you can drive to nearest access road between 10AM and 2PM to retrieve your elk. I hiked about 5-8 miles each day past the closed gates to find a group of cows I seen. The cows I seen were going back and forth between the adjacent private land and state land. I don't know if the regulations have changed but a lot of youth hunters were hunting during late seasons, which increased the pressure. Hope this help and good luck in the draw.

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Thanks for the help. I knew

Thanks for the help. I knew about the area being a bull winter range. I saw one posted comment that someone counted 33 bulls before they got their cow. That was part of the attraction.
I did not know that those late season cow hunts got that much pressure. I hunted right up the road on NF land for the whole 2nd season last year. We knew going in that it would be crowded. But we packed in on foot, and had some real estate to ourselves. We just should have gotten there earlier. Lots of shooting on opening morning while we were humping into the thick stuff. Also saw lots of fresh sign, but all the animals moved to private property that first day. We even got about 4" of snow the last night and walked several miles the next day without ever cutting fresh tracks. Going back to the same place this year for an archery hunt. But I really wanted to make a late season cow hunt too. Just not sure where to go.

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I think thats a decent strategy and there will be fewer youth hunters this year

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I hunted

The Bosque last year during the 3rd rifle for Bull! I saw 3 cows in 7 days! There was one cow hunter left when I went home! The others left without filling their tags. If you can hunt the later season there you should do better. But it sure is nice seeing all those Bulls! Lots of Cats around as well! If you draw , let me know and I can give you a few specifics on which canyons I would try for cows!

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Bulls in Bosque del Oso

I'm looking for any info on hunting bulls in BDO. I have drawn a tag for 2014.



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Thanks for the offer. I will

Thanks for the offer. I will definitely be in contact if I draw. I am going to try to hunt as late as possible.The January hunt is not offered for BDO. For the SWA, they break the late cow into 3 seasons from Thanks Giving to New Years.
My original plan was to put in for Unit 85 muzzleloader, then do my late cow hunt as a type-6 in area 7 or 10 in Wyoming (Laramie). I am familar with the public land in that part of the state, and they have a good late cow hunt. But I didn't realize that the deadline for the elk draw there was Jan 31. Some of those tags should make it to the leftover list, but I would rather have something secured by then.

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