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boots and rain gear for Newfoundlnad

Heading to Newfoundland sept. 2014 with my son and want some advice on what boots and rain gear to get. This is our first trip and we have been trying to go there  for 15 years.

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a good breathable light

a good breathable light weight rain suit will do fine.as for boots a cofertable pair of rubber knee high boots you will do alot of walking.i used irish setters.for the most part regular leather boots would do fine but you will also be in some very damp areas.if your in a bog up there they have a saying as far as stepping in mud.if its brown your going down,if its black your not comming back.

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I'm heading up there in 2015 and have been doing some research, from what I've read you want to stick with rubber boots don't get neoprene boots because there are a lot of sticks in the bogs that can puncture the neoprene boots.

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Id recommned boots that you have walked 20+ miles in that are waterproof - and a spare pair of boots.

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