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Boone & Crocket Monster Black Bears

Hey All,

We are pleased to announce the opening of our Bear Camp BlackBayOutfitters ,In North Sask, Canada. We have about 200 miles square of hunting area, only accesible by water, untouched and no roads touching our area. Very secluded and the bears are World Class Monsters. Last year there were 2 bears shot over 400 pounds by hunters in June, and the outfitter shot a 500 pound giant. Unlike Bears in alberta , sask bears have monster skulls, and ur chance at a tropphy is very very high. Our colour phase is around 35-40 percent as well for anyone seeking a blonde, chocolate, or even cinammon coloured bear. The area has bin managed very well and only 18-20 bears taken from the area a year. Do not be surprised to see 5-6 bears a night on a bait. We hunt the rut so u are sure to see the big bores checking out the baits for sows in heat. If u tag out , the lake we are on is unreal for fishing. With Jacks averageing around 10-12 pounds, but we have caught 20-35 pound monsters. U will be able to reel in fish till ur arms are tired. If u are looking for a very peaceful , relaxing hunt away from it all, our camp will blow u away with its natural beauty have u coming back to enjoy it year after year. Most of our hunters in the past have bin repeat clients that have came for 5-6 years running. If u are looking for an unreal opertunity at a World class black bear, check us out..

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