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Book Cliffs UT Bitter/cr South Any Legal Weapon

Well, I hope this topic gets through!
I'm hoping to generate some feedback on this late season hunt in the Book Cliffs.
If there is anyone that has hunted this unit either during the October Buck Hunt or early Elk hunt, It would be highly appreciated for any and all information on what they seen during there hunt, pertaining to the elk, they seen, and in what locations, so that I might get a good starting point of where to hunt.
This hunt is probably a once in a lifetime hunt for me so any info will be appreciated.. I have been trying to gather as much information as possible from the UDFW along with Maps Etc. But knowing on Hunting these Elk here in Oregon most of my life that it takes just a little more than Biologist and Map information to make it a good successful hunt.. The Hunters that have been there or hunters that know that country are the guys that really know what those animals do during certain times of that particular season. Its the Late Bull season after the rut, So first of all I do know these animals will not still be herded up, and the larger bulls will be in those little hidey holes and much harder to locate. So a lot of preparation and picking the brains of any and all that will help is the challenge at this point.. So please any info is appreciated.. Thank You Mike Oregon Hunter

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I made a reply to your other

I made a reply to your other post but it looks like they have been deleted for some reason.

You will find that there are elk all over the Utah Book Cliffs. All you need to do is to drive the main ridge from the Colorado border to the end of the road out on Steer Ridge and walk out onto the finger ridges and you should find elk.

I took a 343 pt bull down in Peterson Springs just north of Ten Mile Knoll off of Steer Ridge on the west end and my brother in law took a real nice 6x6 off of a ridge that parallels Chepeta Canyon on the eastern end. Another friend of mine took a 370 pt bull off of the east side of the Moon Ridge road. Two of the biggest bulls that I have ever seen in my life were on Tom Patterson Ridge in a logged off area. Once they saw us they dropped into a deep nasty canyon, this was just before the deer hunt in mid October.

If you are hunting the later season you may have to go into some of the canyons to find the elk since they would of been chased for a couple of months along with the deer hunts that start in August and end to wards the end of October but then most of the deer should be off of the top and down into their winter ground by the time that the late season elk hunt starts.

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Book Cliffs >>Critter, Thank You

Thanks for the great information!
What's the chance of you giving me a call so that I can pick your brain a little more and tell you what I have learned and put our heads together and see what you think?

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