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Don't forget the 10 dollars for the Habitat stamp! Even if you do not draw a licsense they make you have the stamp just to apply!

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Hunter Safety

When I grew up and started hunting in Colorado they didn't have or didn't require a Hunter Safety Certificate. Montana and other states that I have hunted did/do not require a HSC because I was born before a certain date.

Except Hawaii.

A couple of years ago I thought I wanted to hunt Hawaii, and they require a HSC for all hunters. So I found an on-line Hunter Safety website (which happened to be Montana), went directly to the test, paid the $15 or whatever fee, took the test, scored 100%, and a week or so later got my Certificate in the mail. No range time, again I think because of my age.

As for the Montana Bonus Points, I have the maximum number of points for Sheep, Moose, and Goats (11, the number of years ago when they started them), but I've been unsuccessfully applying for these hunts continuously for over 30 years.

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After entering your CID number and being identified, select BIG GAME & TURKEY LICENSES & APPLICATIONS, then 2013 license year, ELK, APPLY NOW. Apply for the elk license draw entering the preference point code of E-P-999-99-P as your first choice. no second choice, refund as your unsuccessful option. DOW will charge the cow elk license price of $351 plus a $3.00 application fee, you may pay with your credit card. Refunds less the $25.00 for the point and $3.00 fee & $10 H.S. will be mailed back to you around the first of July.