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Tundra Turds

At this point the tundra dummies haven't been held accountable for their actions by BLM. They have actually set a precedence that it's ok to drive across BLM land without repercussions. Shame on You! Believe it or not these turds actually did recover their trucks.


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Boneheads of the Year

You can't fix stupid!

Shame on You! Shame on You! Shame on You!

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Boneheads of the Year

So what they trashed 60ks worth of trucks. For that they could have rented a helicopter to go get them.

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Boneheads of the Year

would a 6 wheel ranger have made it out there? and if so what is the difference. Seems like the rangers are being rode accross the tundra by outfitters all the time.


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