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bolt not locking

I have a remington 700 sendero in 300 win mag. Often while closing the bolt it has difficulty locking down as if there is some obstruction to keep it from locking down. It has no issues with unlocking. I have inspected rounds when this happened and not seen anything alarming. Could this be that the rifle needs to get shot a bit to break in better or that the bullets are not seated deep enough?

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If it is happening only on

If it is happening only on reloaded ammo then you need to readjust your sizing die.  If it happens on factory ammo then I would have a competent gunsmith take a look at the rifle.

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yea it happens on Hornady

yea it happens on Hornady SSTs and Federal Fusions. Its not every round but its enough to raise a concern

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Hornady reloads?

If your talking about reloads, yep you need to either adjust the die or check the case length. Could be the shoulder is not getting pushed back enough or the case is to long and hitting the throat. That will also increase pressure.

If it's factory ammo, see a gun smith.

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If it's a recent manufactured Remington then I'm not suprised.  Good luck talking to Remington about it.  Their customer service folks don't know anything and will likely give you a lame excuse anyway.  If it's under warranty, have a warranty repair center correct the probelm.  If not, the do as the others have suggested, take it to a competent gunsmith.

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if you are still having that

if you are still having that trouble, take it to a good smith and have the chamber casted, when they pull the cast have it measured, this will also let you look at the L&G where they start. if could be many problems, but start at the chamber if it is factory ammo

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