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Re: Bolt-action question

i'd say remington modle 700 , browning x bolt

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Re: Bolt-action question

Winchester, no contest. Big smile

Seriously, your best bet is to handle as many rifles as you can, mount them with your eyes closed then open your eyes and see where you're looking. Pick the one that feels right and mounts naturally so your eyes align with the scope or sights.

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Bolt-action question

I'm kind of spoiled by my brownings (A-bolts), but like most think it up to you and what feels best. They will all do the job most likely.

That said, if money is a factor, I go back to something my dad told me when growing up~: "If limited by money, get a cheaper gun, but a better scope." I have found this to be true. So make sure you have enough dough left over for a good scope, you won't be sorry.

Good luck.

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My dad and I both have Ruger

My dad and I both have Ruger M77 and neith one of has had any issues with out bolts and both are very accurate.  So I would suggest the Ruger Hawkeye.

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I have owned and shot all

I have owned and shot all major brands and lots of brands that you have never heard of.

the posters above will not steer you wrong, but look outside the window a little

CZ 550 has it all, plus you will get  GREAT trigger, that is a GREAT SET trigger, don't get me wrong I enjoy the Savage trigger, but you only have one weight, with the set trigger you do not have to use it, you can use the normal pull.

Good luck


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