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Bob Barker

On February 11, former game show host, anti-hunter/animal rights activist Bob Barker donated $1 million towards the creation of an undergraduate animal ethics class at Drury University in Springfield, Missouri.

Barker, a 1947 graduate of the University has been a long-time anti-hunting and trapping activist and spent several months coordinating the class structure with Patricia McEachern, an associate professor of French at the university. Obviously, a former game show host and French teacher are qualified to develop such a course of study through their years of research (or lack thereof.)

This is not the first time Barker has pushed the animal rights agenda. Barker hosted the Miss USA pageant in 1987, and asked producers to stop using fur coats. He resigned from hosting the Miss USA and Miss Universe pageants a year later when producers would not stop using fur coats as prizes.

The course will be offered as a semester-long class beginning in either fall of 2009 or spring of 2010. Various pro-animal rights faculty are enthusiastic about teaching the new course. It just goes to show that it doesn't take science, biology or years of research to institute/influence college curriculum any more.........just being famous and having $1 million is all it takes.

Am I the only one disgusted by this? I'm just glad none of my children attend this storied hall of higher learning.

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Re: Bob Barker
Whelland wrote:
Am I the only one disgusted by this?

Not at all. I am too. We should be looking to see how as hunters can counter this. I was just thinking this morning how Walt Disney giving animals human charecteristics is probably the basis for most of the animal rights movement today.

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Bob Barker

How in the world can he get something like that in a school in Missouri?


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Bob Barker

The wheel is just beginning to turn. This will spark similar courses all over america I'd be willing to bet. I'm surprized Cali. wasn't the first to start the course.

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Bob Barker

I wonder how many nights he sits up vrying about the animals that were testsed on to allow all his plastic surgery Mr. Cool!
He is like many, more money then he needs, good intentions and not a lick of common sense. Worst is he is from South Dakota, a state whose 3rd highest incom is paid via hunting and finshing.

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Bob Barker

Please...help control the idiot population. Have your liberal spayed or nutered.

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Bob Barker

Doesn't disgust me.

This is America and he has a right to further his political agenda. He earned his money and can use it however he wants.

Now, with that said, it does further my resolve to contribute to hunting organizations such as the NRA and SCI. I was a member of the NRA but also joined SCI to help promote and protect hunting.

I contribute to the NRA besides just the annual dues.

I also consider candidates based on their hunting and gun positions and recently wrote my Congresswoman asking her to sign onto the amicus brief in DC v Heller before the SCOTUS. And she did sign it.

So instead of being disgusted, I try to be active and counter those anti-hunting activist.

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Bob Barker

CVC - I agree with you. Well said! I do not agree with what Bob Barker did, but he does have the right to do it.

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