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Board of Game Emergency Teleconference

The Board of Game will be meeting this Friday, 3/21 at 9:00 a.m. to address the predator control regulations for Units 16 and 12 & 20E. Last Friday, a judge issued a ruling on the lawsuits against the state’s predator control plans. The ruling was mostly in the state’s favor, except for the plans in the units mentioned above. The judge basically said that the board needs separate written findings to address the recent extensions of the GMU 16B plan into 16A, and of the GMUs 12 and 20D plan expansion into the full range of the Fortymile Herd. The judge ordered the predator control programs in these areas to a halt until the board addresses the findings.

The meeting notice is located at the following link:


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Board of Game Emergency Teleconference

..Thank you, Chuck.............

I have been out of the loop..between trapping season, and homeschooling..............thank you for the info!-

-I will try to be more vigilant....

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