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Boar piglets? What do they look like?!

I keep googling wild russian boar piglets and i keep getting these brown piglets with spot like stripes. But at this guy has solid black one to! Which piglet is more trditional to the wild boar? I want a dark one so if i do pick a brown one will it be a dark brown or black? if i get a black... is it even a wild boar?

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Not sure exactly what you are looking for.  "Boar" is of course just any male pig.

"Wild boar" is sometimes used to describe feral pigs of any sex, and a variety of genetics.

True wild piglets will most likely be striped nose to tail pattern like a chipmunk. The stripes fade before the pig is half grown.  There are no adult striped pigs anywhere on the planet that I am aware of.  My grandad spent 50+ years trying to selectively breed pigs to retain their stripes.  He never got an adult striped pig.  But striped piglets are common.  Spots may stay but stripes disappear as they grow. 

Solid color pigs probably have more domestic pig in them than wild boar.  I'd go with the stripes if you want a wild boar type hog.  Why are you buying piglets? Are they from a game farm? Are they being marketed as Russian boar?




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