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Boar meat vs. Sow meat

A guy I work with has a connection to another hunter who was contracted out to clear some wild pigs off of a new residential construction area. Seems the contracted guy has killed about 12-14 pigs the past few days, and is looking to pass off some of the meat. All he has right now are dressed, skinned boar carcasses.

I have eaten wild pork a bunch of times, but its always been sows. How is the meat from boars? I hear that it is not nearly as good, and the best you can do with it is make sausage. I suppose beggars cant be choosers, and free pork is free pork. Just wondering if I should be expecting much considering all he has available are boars?

And from what I've been told so far, they're all in the 100-150# range.

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Boar meat vs. Sow meat

it all depends on the boar some i have ate are fine all of them i ate but some can be real stong better on the smoker but first soaked overnight in a good maranaid get them if you dont like it do what i do and pass it along to some of your friends LOL Thumbs up

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