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Blue Mountain Bear

Ok, here is the bear my partner killed.

It all started on 5/9/08 early Friday morning while turkey huntin' when we spotted the bear. We came back later that evening w/ a 7mm while turkey huntin', it was pretty quite in that area--no gobblers. So after a couple hours of tryin' to locate turkeys we gave up and decided to see if that bear was around. I had my call on me this time so I started doing a predator call using mulitpurpose caller called "Calls M All". And partner shot him w/ a 7mm at around 100 yards. I called for about 15-20 minutes till the time we actually saw the bear, it might have been watching us for a lil' while. Anyhow, partner shot it in the left shoulder, he took off down into the canyon, this was around 8:15pm, right near dark and we weren't about to go into all them bushes so we waited until next morning, saturday, and luckily didnt take us long to find him.

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Blue Mountain Bear

congrats Thumbs up nice bear

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Blue Mountain Bear

I really like the color in him.

Do you get many like that down there?

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Blue Mountain Bear

Good lookin bear, how heavy did it end up being. Looks like it would be a good rug or blanket

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Blue Mountain Bear

I haven't the slightest idea how much he weighs, he was so heavy he bent the wheel on the game cart cause were were on the side of the hill. I layed next to him and I'm 5'11, he has to be about 6'4

Anyhow, we're new to the bear thing. But if we get another, I will be the next Thumbs up and my bud can do the calling. I really didnt want to shoot him, but after he got it, I was a lil' envious

I can say this much, he would have never shot the bear if I never got him into turkey hunting.

The color of the fur is freakin' beautiful in person, it changed colors in the sun. The bears we usually see have black fur, and thats only a the few we saw.

I wish Law dawg would get on here, told him about the site.

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Blue Mountain Bear

Nice looking bear. Congrat's to both of you!

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Blue Mountain Bear

Good on ya! Nice Bruin. No snow up on the Blues'?

Thumbs up Thumbs up

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Blue Mountain Bear

Heck of a nice bear!!!! Congrats!!!!! Yes

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Blue Mountain Bear

Good looking red bear there.

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