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Blonde in a Blizzard

Since this has been such a long winter, I thought you might enjoy a joke about snow.

A blonde is in her car as a blizzard engulfs the area. She can barely see the end of the hood of her car. She stops and remembers the words of her dad, "Honey, if you are ever caught in a blizzard, wait until a snowplow goes by and follow it - it will eventually lead you to somewhere that you can get help". As she sat there, suddenly a snowplow went past her car. She quickly fell in behind it and continued to follow it, staying close enough to see its tail lights. Two hours later she was still following it when it came to a stop. The driver got out and walked back to her car. She rolled down the window and the truck driver said, "Ma'am, you are welcome to follow me, but I thought I should tell you that as soon as I'm through here at Walmart, I'll be going across the street to Sears!"


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