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Is a "block" really just a "block"?

Okay, this might be a no brainer and a question that shows I'm not as outdoor smart as I think but I have to ask because I've never come across it before. Yesterday I stopped at my usual supplier for "all things wildlife feed related" to get some Antler Max feed, Antler Max blocks and some salt blocks; just as I've done many times before. One thing changed though this time. When the stock room brought the stuff out to my truck it included blocks of "water softner salt". In the past all the blocks I've boughten there [or anywhere else as far as I can recall] have never said "water softner salt" on them. I questioned it and they told me it's the same thing I've always gotten... just that the producer chose to market them specifically towards water softner use. Now, I don't have a water softner so I have no knowledge to fall back on here. Is "water softner salt" the same as if I were to buy a block of salt somewhere that is specifically marked as "game block" or just "salt block"? I just want to make sure before I put these out for the critters Think

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Is a "block" really just a "block"?

I would imagine it is the same. My Dad has a softner and he uses a livestock block of salt in his.

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Is a "block" really just a "block"?

whispering "just go to your local feed store and get the cheapest salt and mineral block.....they'll do just as good"

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Is a "block" really just a "block"?

I'm with hesseu. You'll get the same thing for a lot less $$.

Don't worry about the water softener salt. Put it out, and it will work just fine.

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Is a "block" really just a "block"?

long answer:
there are a lot of different salts out there. (here's a chemistry lesson coming) a salt is what you get out of a non metal bonding to a metal. the result happens when an acidic hydrogen atom is replaced with the metal ion. the hydrogen generally bonds with an -OH molecule creating water and for exapmle sodium bonds with the chlorine in the acid forming a salt byproduct. this is a common neutralization reaction for normalizing an acidic compound... in your body, in a water softener, and in the deer. all you need is the raw materials, however they're processed.

short answer: it doesn't matter what it's advertised as. what you'll need in the block is NaCl, KCl, CaCl some free calcium and some phospherous for bone and antler development and you're set

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Is a "block" really just a "block"?

Salt is Salt. Get the cheapest you can find. Weight and cost.

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