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BLM management.. Thought this might be of interest for some in the area.


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I really don't see anything

I really don't see anything wrong with it since they are designating the no recreational shooting in developed recreation areas. 

What people need to learn is to clean up what they take with them when they do go shooting.  This last summer I hauled a pickup load of trash to the dump from where I sight in my rifles.  If people keep leaving targets, brass, furniture, and what ever else they feel like shooting up on the BLM land they may have striker rules to live by where ever they want to go shooting. 

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This is important

I don't usually shoot in this area, but I am planning on writing in support of keeping recreational shooting open on all BLM lands.  Alternative A, which if I understood the press release correctly, is the current management plan and should be supported.

I also whole heartedly agree with Critter too.  I'm tired of bringing home bags of trash from our public land shooting areas.  And even worse are the unimproved campsites in the National Forests. It's a shame that people don't respect the public lands more.  I hope other hunters take responsibility to clean up not only after themselves but after the other recreational users too.  

Thanks for posting the announcement.

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I  read thru as much as I could and did not see a reason why they want to do this. I did see talk of oil and mineral exploration so makes me wonder if this is why. Always concerned when I see things like this as it is another loss of our freedoms and our lands. These are our public lands managed by BLM, not owned by BLM. As for the trash I wrote about that in my "tip" "Take Out the Trash". I saw a place near Bailey that was shut down due to the trash but also all the new homes that went up in the area. Hope alternative A is the one but have a bad feeling it will be much more restrictive.  

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I agree with Critter all the

I agree with Critter all the way. People need to pick up after themselfs. In my area there have been several areas closed to shooting due to this issue. I have brought extra trash bags with me when i would shoot just to pick up the brass and trash left behind. The areas they closed to recreational shooting are still open to hunting but there is a definate police presence. Now that i archery hunt I haven't had to deal with that to much as I want to take my arrows home with me and I usally go to a range and shoot. In one area there has been so much trash like old cars, tv's, sofas, house hold trash. It makes me sick that anyone would want to dirty up our mountains like that and have no respect for nature.

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  Well chapter 2 document


Well chapter 2 document on page 104 details the target shooting restrictions and what the other 3 alternatives recommend.  Page 140 details the oil, gas, and salable mineral leasing alternatives.  It is 184 pages.  This would take the average joe citizen days to read and decipher the specifics.  I think they do that intentionally - and why they allow 90 days because it may just take that to understand.  There are some good actions within option B but I don't think I would give a blanket okay.  Some of the actions within sound too restrictive and take away thousands of acres from use.  The document does state that they could use portions of A and B which is most likley what will happen. 


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Along with the "pick up after

Along with the "pick up after yourselves" theme that Critter and Numb discussed, I hav to laugh at people who do this, leaving all this trash out there.  I always wonder how these people would feel if we went and dumped a load of shot up furniture, appliances, and outright trash on their front lawns, and tried to drive away.

5 bucks says they'd be calling the police right away and want to see us ticketed or something.  So what's the difference with the public land they do it on?  Not a thing.  I hate it during dove hunting out here, they have a ton of agricultural fields that DFG manages and are open to the public for the fall hunting seasons.  They get 2,000 people spread out over a few miles.  It is inevitable that I will drive out of my area, and find piles and piles of expended shotgun shells, mixed in with empty beer cans. 

I try to pick up what I can, but I can't help wonder what kind of impression this makes on non-hunters.

It sucks that we're losing places to shoot, because we have less and less every year it seems.  But if we are the cause of it, there is nobody to blame but us.

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