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BLM land pig hunting

Hey Forum,

I'm new to this site and was wondering does anyone know of some good spots to hunt pigs at in california on public land? I was researching Condon Peak! Any advice or suggestions would be great. Thanks

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hey man welcome . i havnt

hey man welcome . i havnt personally seen an pigs in sd county but i have come across signs all over palomar mnt. and in the east county off the I-8 either side out in discanso but make sure your on cnf land .  get a map from the cnf land office and they can help as well Thumbs up

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I'm a land owner in the Condon Peak area...

I can't speak for 'off' my ranch... but the pigs have simply 'disappeared' this year... no where to be found.  For whatever reason.  However...

Not far away, maybe 12 miles as the crow flies, in Priest Valley... they are still seeing pigs.  NOT as many as in previous years, or even close to it, but some.  

Priest Valley does not have nearly as much BLM ground to hunt as the Condon Peak area, accessible anyway... but there IS some.  I'd seriously consider that area over the Condon Peak area, this year anyway. - JamesJM


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