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"Blattzeit" has started in Germany!

Hello from Germany!

Now the time has started when the roebucks are getting hot and start to copulate with the does. This is a real special part of roedeer season, because the bucks have only little feeling for danger. We call it "Blattzeit".They are only watching for does who are also hot. At the beginning of these period it is enough to sit at places where does have been seen before. The bucks come on there own at any time, in most cases during the day. When the hot time of the does is over there are still bucks left who are hot, normally yearlings or older ones. You can get these if you imitate a fawns call with a special pipe. Bucks who hear this fawn whistle guess that there must be a doe near and come towards the piping hunter. Now you have to be very fast with you rifle and shoot, because the bucks either came really assaulting or really quiet.

A very interesting form of hunting roedeer.



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"Blattzeit" has started in Germany!

Back at you from the US
We call it "The Rut" over here.
I am liking "Blattzeit" a little better though Think . Thinking I am going to start using it and see if it catches on Big smile

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"Blattzeit" has started in Germany!

Ahhhhhhh...... My favorite time of year, Kirrmeister posting his hunts!!! Go get um, can't wait for the pics..... Yes

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"Blattzeit" has started in Germany!

Waidmannsheil!!! Thumbs up

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"Blattzeit" has started in Germany!

Have you got the pics?

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