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Blacktail hunting, Corvallis/Alsea area

So my coworker and i have been hunting around here for a few seasons and haven"t seen squat. Last year we mainly hunted around the Alsea area, up Honey Grove Road, where he said in the past he's gotten several deer out of. This year we went up to Green Peter on opening weekend, saw several people with deer hanging but didn't see any ourselves. Saturday we went up Honey Grove again and didn't see anything, no deer, no sign, no trails.

Anyone know of any good places to go around here? I read another post from an OSU student, and someone mentioned going up to Valsetz, which we might try this weekend, but I was curious if anyone else had any pointers or areas to hunt.

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Blacktail hunting, Corvallis/Alsea area

Welcome to BGH!

I lived in Valsetz in the early 70's. It was good hunting but just like the rest of western Oregon, can't see very far and rains a lot. Don't pass on Black Rock either. Hunted it in high school. There's lot's of deer over there the hard part is seeing them. We lived up on Fishback Rd out of Monmouth when I was young and we'd see lots of deer there at night. Durning the day they were plenty hard to find because of all the brush. Not sure where any logging is going on over there anymore but clearcuts a year or so old used to be good spots.
watch the edges, that's where they traveled. The thing that draws them to clear cuts like that is the new growth of forage.

Good luck!

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try hunting the harlan area its great hunting i missed a 3 point opening weekend

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theres deer out there, most

theres deer out there, most of the deer are nocturnal so they'll only be out very first thing inthe morning and then come out again after dark. You do need to be off the roads, the chances of seeing a buck wort shooting from the road are slim to none. if you havent scouted the area out during the spring and summer to patteren the deer it doesnt matter where you hunt you are at a disadvantage. my advice would be find a good glassing point and sit all day and glass. most of the time the deer will get up mid day to feed but they wont travel far from there beds. If your road hunting you probably wont see many deer at all besides does. I have a buddy who hunts the alsea area and gets deer every year, you just gotta work hard for these blacktails. 

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Blacktail @ green peter

For years I have harvested deer in the Green Peter/Yellow Bottom area. But the last few years things have changed. Logging roads are closed, clear cutting has had its impact on the area. mostly restricted from access. Word on the street is to many abanded cars, and people trashing the areas. 

Last season I got into my favorit fern patch up on ricky top only to find people camped with kids, atvs, dogs, and a smoldering fire pit. Funny people will camp in  prime hunting areas and drive for miles looking where to hunt.

The book that really helped my is Blacktail Trophy Hunting by Boyd Iverson. The Bible on blacktail deer hunting. 

Hope that helps.

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