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On Monday the 8th I contacted WA F&G about electronic calls.

This afternoon I called the Enforcement number from the website and asked to talk with someone about the legality of electronic calls. The quoted text is her exact words that I wrote down.

The lady said that they "might become illegal" in the future due to mis-use such as using them for deer/turks/ducks, but there is "nothing in the works". When I mentioned the post I discovered she asked "what website?" and I just told her it was a hunting site. She stated "we had a meeting with Education and that has not come up". I asked "Mik" and she stated "yes".

So I called Mik in Hunter Education.
I told him that I wanted to know if electronic calls will be illegal for bears and cougar or if any changes were happening for next year. He replied, "Couldn't tell you, if I could I would predict the lottery", and "I don't want to speculate on next year". When I told him about the post he said, "Mentioned?, very possible but I have not heard anything".

He was very noncommittal and almost hedging in my opinion. When I told him that I don't use Ecalls, but did not want to lose the "right" (yea, I know) he told me to watch the website for proposed rule changes and annual meetings. When I told him that calling, including ecalls was an effective way to control predators under todays laws, he told me to write to the Commission and tell them of my experiences.

All and all I am a bit wary. The right hand does not know what the left hand is doing down there.


According to the News Tribune of Tacoma, Thursday October 11, 2007.

"The commission will discuss the rules Friday Morning. It will also consider changes to rules on the use of decoys and calls, get briefings on changes to the advanced hunter education program and proposed fishing rule changes for 2008-09 seasons."

This really pisses me off! Like I stated before "noncommittal and almost hedging".
So on Monday the 8th when I called they did not know about the "considered rule changes" but apparently it was prior to Thursdays deadline (probably late Wednesday)?

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Blacktail calls

So it looks like this decoy/call issue is about waterfowl. But there are still a few things that bother me.
Here is part of the agenda.
The Commission will consider adoption of permanent amendments to WAC 232-12-257, Use of decoys and calls, which would bring the rule in line with other wildlife area rules currently under consideration. The Commission held a public hearing regarding these proposed rules at its June 1-2, 2007, Commission meeting in Spokane. The Commission postponed rule action to this meeting, in order to allow more time for staff to address comments received.

Staff Report:
Don Kraege, Waterfowl Section Manager, Wildlife Program "

Here is the link to the minutes from the June meeting. http://wdfw.wa.gov/com/minutes/jun0207.htm
Here are parts of those minutes.
Don Kraege briefed the Commission on proposed permanent rule amendments to WAC 232-12-257, Use of decoys and calls, which would bring the rule in line with other wildlife area rules currently under considerations. The Commission will consider adopting permanent rule amendments at its August 3-4, 2007, Commission meeting in Anacortes."

which would bring the rule in line with other wildlife area rules currently under consideration
What other wildlife area rules? What consideration? If you are considering something, how to you make something else in line with the consideration?

The Commission will consider adopting permanent rule amendments
What are the rule amendments and where do I find them?

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Blacktail calls

thanks for keeping us updated billy

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Blacktail calls
blacktail hunter wrote:
I just talked to the WDFW enforcement and they said they are in the process of making ALL ELECTRONIC CALLS illigal because "IT IS TO DANGEROUS, BECAUSE YOU MIGHT CALL IN BEARS OR COUGARS IF YOU ARE CALLING COYOTES" MY RESPONSE WAS "AND TAHT IS A BAD THING?" so use them while we can. And you can use them on anything besides waterfowl, wild turkeys, or deer........
bear, cougar, elk, racoon, coyote, fox,hog, rabitt, bobcat, goat, moose, big horn, crow are all far game.

And so our extremely smart and talented Fish and Wildlife department thinks non electronic calls won't do the same thing? Or is it becasue they think we might actually bag something and of course quote "it's all about enforcement" not about success. go figure.

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Calls for Black Tail Deer?

note sure about other deer, but calls for Coastal Black Tail deer usually won't work since most coastal Zones open before mating season. Zone A opened the 2nd week of August 2009 almost smack in the middle of summer. with great luck, a call may bring in a "curious deer" but your time would be better spent stalking, covering your scent, building yourself a good gili suit (out of local flora) and finding how to get access to private land which is where the most of the good hunting exists . If hunting Public Lands, if you see a 3-pointer go for it, as you may not get another chance for anything better. -20 yrs hunting Coastal Black Tail and counting.

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